The following is my response to a writing prompt posted on Poets & Writers, an awesome website for some creative writing inspiration. The prompt is this: Write about your experience commuting to work. Whether it's the hour-long drive, daily bus route, or your morning walk, try to think about routines you have developed over the years to make your commute productive or enjoyable. If you work from home, you can write about what it's like not having to commute, and how you turn your home environment into a work environment.

I consider waking up a part of the commute to work. Hell, maybe even the weird dreams I have right before I wake up count too. That subconscious journey that I consciously never want to end, but I always, without fail, snap out of. That’s when I wake up and realize, yeah, it’s that time again. Nothing about it is easy. Rolling around in bed, I navigate the sheets and blankets and even my pillow, seemingly lost amongst the folds like an ancient treasure map. But the treasure isn’t there—it’s waiting for me at my desk, in the form of countless butt-numbing hours staring at a screen that gets translated into my daily bread and butthurt.