Embryonic Existentialism.

What if an embryo had an existential crisis and no one cared? Surely Sartre had a theory on the nature of birth and all of its intricacies, including whether or not an embryo could muse on its existence. Could you imagine the types of things it would think about?

"Why is it so dark in here? Is this an extension of my inner mind? Wait...do I even have a brain yet?"

"My nerves are on fire. I feel everything. Is this what it feels like to be alive? Or am I still just only beginning to feel alive?"

"The world is my toilet (literally)."

Now, let's not get too technical here: I very well know that embryos can't poop or think, but fetuses can. In any case, I like the sound of "embryo" so much better than "fetus." Don't you?